268 Pacific Ave.,
Glendale, OR 97442
Sunday Service: 10:30; Adult Bible Study: 9:00; Sit Down Warm-up 9:30; Choir Warm-up 10:00
Youth SS: 9:30; Children's SS during church but after the children's sermon (Approx. 10:50).
Office Hours 9-4 Wed. - Fri. 9-12 Sat.

Continuing with God's beautiful creation:
Utah Badlandsóa Sea of Purple

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the Sunday, July 27, scripture readings, Click here. Ginger is the reader.

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Find out what you're missing by checking the Bible Study, hosted by Susan.  Bible Study

Glendale has a new website,
http://glendaleor.info. At the congregational meeting it was voted on that we would sponsor the web site for Glendale as an information source.  Well, it is up and running, though still rather meager in content. Donít forget to check it out and, if youíre a writer and so inclined, contribute articles to it by sending them to me. Also, being the web lackey for this site gets kind of hairy from time to time, so if I make errors or the web pages donít function as they are supposed to, please let me know so I can correct the error.  (That is also true for this site.)

     So far the Glendale site has one contributor, Kathryn. Be sure and visit her page, ďFarm Sense.Ē She has already contributed two articles well worth reading about labels and depression. You want to stay depressed? Then donít read. You want to let your mind deteriorate? Then donít read. Otherwise, click here for her pages: 
Pastor Buck

     Don't know what to do with your kids when they're out of school on Fridays? Well, Fun Fridays are back in full swing from 12:30 to 3:00PM. For more info, call 541 832 2411.

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